Why Us?

When you choose Aayushi Pharmaceuticals,you gain more than a CMO, we are your pharmaceutical partner, focused on helping mitigate risk and accelerate your product timelines. You also gain integrated access to our expertise, processes, specialized facilities and equipments. If you are looking to scale up production or need state-of-the-art processes, a CM partner like us is a great way to ensure quality without having your own infrastructure.

Aayushi Pharmaceuticals is a CMO that helps companies manufacture, develop and scale-up their products. Drawing on more than 30+ years of experience in formulation and manufacturing know-how and industry leading reputation for reliability, exceptional track record for compliance and safety,we use our state-of-the-art integrated commercial production facility to deliver world class ALLOPATHIC and AYURVEDIC products. Moreover, due to full BACKWARD INTEGRATION into PRIMARY PACKAGING we also specialize in a wide variety of bottling solutions.This experience helps avoid / overcome challenges that would otherwise increase costs and affect time to market.

Reliability is absolutely critical in contract manufacturing. When you entrust the manufacturing of your product, you need to be sure that it rests in reliable hands. A highly experienced, accredited CM partner with expertise in your requirement is a key element, as that expertise will allow them to help you accelerate and improve production without major setbacks.

As such, we have one of the most trusted reputations in the industry for timely delivery of high-quality products. Sophisticated Manufacturing facility and a highly experienced team offers further assurances that you will experience worry-free, reliable service.


Aayushi Pharmaceutical’s goal is to use our expertise, dedicated team and sophisticated approach in manufacturing to develop and market advanced formulations of a wide range of Allopathic and Ayurvedic Liquid Oral (General) dosage forms for our Contract Manufacturing Partners.