The three types of packaging are divided under primary, secondary, and tertiary – and at this stage it becomes vital to understand that each single level of packaging tailor the special needs, in order to get the final product to people with complete safety, efficiency and consistently. The main drug product is concealed in the primary packaging.Next comes the exterior packaging or also called secondary packaging that safeguards the products and labels the drug product. Finally, the last packaging called the Tertiary packaging is used for bulk handling, storage, and distribution.

Ayushi Pharma’s specializes in a variety of primary and secondary packaging for Over-The-Counter, prescription and specialty products. Our sophisticated packaging contains plastic, jars, glass bottles, nasal sprays, metal and laminate tubes. Under the Secondary packaging and re-labeling comes equipment processes cartons, shrink-wrapping and shrink sleeves.

The tough stainless-steel piping system helps to maintain cleanliness and avoid corrosion of any product.At Ayushi Pharma, we assure that every project we undertake are given special handling that may include manual, semi-automated or fully-automated filling.  Our Packaging and labeling abilities comprise of unique requirements for clinical trial shipments.