Competences: Advantages to Brand Owners

The pharmaceutical re-appropriation market is experiencing critical changes. Aayushi Pharmaceuticals investing intensely in the framework and specialization to offer significant types of assistance to brand owner pharmaceutical organizations.


Ayushi Pharma’s business strategy centres on adapting to the ever-evolving manufacturing requirements of pharmaceutical organizations and creates effective methodology to help the businesses. Highly focussed management practices are implemented to empower quality frameworks,thus ensuring that the key performance is always at the fore front of all the clients expectations.

Pharmaceutical and alimentary enhancement producers hoping to reduce the cost layers and expenses are progressively looking for manufacturing collaborators with progressive infrastructure scale-up facility and product formulation prowess. Ayushi Pharma plays the key role of a channel partner offering a unified stage to render single point end to end services rather than having the brand owners to employ services of various specialist organizations. This comprehensive choice of start to finish administrations diminishes oversight prerequisites, streamlines the procedure, creates a sense of high reliability and effectively speeds up the turnaround of productive business activity.

Expansive administrative prerequisites and fierce rivalry are convincing pharmaceutical organizations to focus on late-stage turn of events and resort to aggressive marketing and advertising. Aayushi Pharmaceuticals empower brand owners to focus on their core abilities for accomplishing sales targets and is enthusiastic to help augment the approximation of the total product process, which comprises of the identification of key API’s and Excipients, development of final formulation and primary, secondary and tertiary packaging, comprehensive licensing and regulatory guidance and execution assistance as per the guidelines laid out by the issuing authority, thus bringing in the element of reliability and trust factor by pooling in into perfectly concerted coordination practices.

Core Strengths

Ayushi Pharma has wide expertise in Contract Manufacturing Business in terms of new product development / formulation, existing product augmentation, acquiring product permission from concerned authorities for Over-The-Counter Prescription Medications and Healthcare Products including syrups, suspension, paediatric liquid formulations and clinical nourishments.

The start to finish scope of administrations integrates innovative product development, key API and Excipient identification and procurement, robust manufacturing infrastructure capacity, process optimization, workflow enhancement, strict adherence to regulatory compliance, effective documentation practices confirming to QA and QC related methodology, essential and auxiliary marking, packaging and logistics solutions.

Elevated expectations from AyushiPharma are guaranteed with comprehensive Quality System/cGMP rules followed across all the concerned departments.